Joyce Peng

Creature: HomeDog

It is a creature made of fruits and vegetables created by Photoshop Selection Tools.

  • Creature: HomeDog
I used selection tools such as the marquee tool, the move tool, the lasso tool, the magnetic tool, the magic wand, and the quick selection tool.

I fairly enjoyed all the tools as it made moving and shaping objects much easier, yet my favorite tool was the magnetic tool because it immediately “attracted” the borders of my objects and I can trace around the object easier and smoother. If I had used the lasso tool, my hand would be shaking and I wouldn’t have a clean selection. I had to have patience using some of the tools, for they are stubborn and sometimes not giving you a clean selection. Since this was my first time using Photoshop, I was quite confused on what to do and what tools does which job. I felt at first I was doing everything wrong, because it all seemed very unnatural to me. I have never extracted part of a photo and attached it to some other picture before, and I have never know fruits and vegetables were that fun to play with. Some of the tools were weird to use at first such as magic wand tool and especially the lasso tool. But at the end I enjoyed my finished product and felt glad I knew now how to manipulate photos using the wonders of Photoshop.

Photoshop Selection Tools can be helpful in other classes as well, especially if you are doing a project or some sort of artwork for that class that you want to look nice and professional. For example, for the class Critical Analysis. I know by TAing that class that the students are required to make their own ad. Sometimes it is hard to just simply paste a picture and text to achieve the full purpose. I saw some students importing many images(such as what we did to the creature) and putting them together, most likely using the selection tools. Their ads looked way more professional, striking, and most effective in achieving their messages. I am sure you can use Photoshop in college, too, especially if you are majoring in graphic design, media technology, art, etc.

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