Joyce Peng
Hey, my name is Joyce Peng and this is my portfolio.

Recent Additions

  • Animation

    Animation-How to count to 10

    Using Animation-ish program to make a short animation suitable for kids. This is the link to my quicktime movie. (Some how the downloaded link doesn't show on my profile).

  • Wordle

    My Wordle

    I went on and typed down words that described me and with the wordle I created a picture of colorful words with nice fonts.

  • WiggleDoodle

    Colorful Sun The bottom link is for the gif sun just in case the above doesn't work.

  • Flipbook

    Car hits tree

    I created a flip book with six slides of a car moving towards a tree and eventually hitting the tree, with the top half of the tree falling onto the car.

  • Zombie

    Best Zombie

    This is one of the better zombies I did for the zombie project, which was using various Photoshop techniques and tools to create a zombie from a classmate in Missouri.