Joyce Peng

Restoration: Old Guy Photo

Using healing tool, spot healing tool, cloning tool, and history brush on Photoshop to make the old photo new.

  • Restoration: Old Guy Photo
I used healing and spot healing tool to get rid of the white spots and any other spots and smudges. The cloning tool was extremely helpful in getting rid of the spot on his shoulder because it helped me clone the surrounding gray spots that I needed to cover up the spot so that all the areas are of matching color. It was tedious at some points because sometimes when using the healing and spot healing tools some of the pixels chosen were wrong and it didn't fit with the spots I needed to heal so I had to redo it. It was confusing on using the ctrl, shift and the alt keys because I had to figure out what happens when you click each one with the tools, because different functions appear for each key. In the end, it was nice knowing that these tools are extremely helpful in making an old photo like this to a new one, minus all the crazy white spots and such. The history brush, I believe, is the most useful tool to me because if I mess up on a spot, I can always go back and restore the original image.

The tools used in this assignment is extremely useful to make a old photo look like new, or at least minus all of the oldness quality to it. I guess you can use it in other subjects if you need to submit a photo for a class that has to look nice, most likely in history class. If you have an old photo you can use the tools to erase all those crazy white spots! You can also use it in real life when you want to present an old photo to your workplace or to your grandma, but want it to look nice.

I like how Photoshop can almost, turn back time. Or at least fix your mistakes. In life you can't undo your mistakes, but Photoshop, not only you can undo them, but you can make the whole situation even better!

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