Joyce Peng

Zombie: Best Zombie

This is one of the better zombies I did for the zombie project, which was using various Photoshop techniques and tools to create a zombie from a classmate in Missouri.

  • Zombie: Best Zombie
I used many tools like the dodge, burn, history brush, magic eraser, and liquify. The history brush was quite beneficial for me because I messed up a lot, and it allowed me to make up what I deleted due to those mistakes. I felt I did a good job on it considering it was hard to make him a zombie without messing up his identity. I didn't know how much was too much. Also to me one of the hardest parts was the applying the texture on the boy's skin. You have to match certain features and selections to get the perfect texture that you want. It was extremely hard to find a perfect, matching texture without ruining too much of his face, but enough to get that zombie feel to it. But the end product I felt was sufficent in creating a zombie out of a student. I also learned that it's not that easy making something else from a photo.

Like I said earlier on the creature description, you can use Photoshop tools such as the dodge and burn for other class projects/artwork. You can make your friend look like, say, a historical figure and put an old background behind him. But I think this is most useful in depicting horror creatures, like zombies and aliens. Maybe you can get an opportunity to create a horror creature from a human being in the movie business or ads for scary events, movies, and TV shows. In college you would definitely use Photoshop if you are majoring in advertising and/or art design.

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