Joyce Peng

Flipbook: Car hits tree

I created a flip book with six slides of a car moving towards a tree and eventually hitting the tree, with the top half of the tree falling onto the car.

  • Flipbook: Car hits tree
I thought the whole process was neatly done. I had a hard time figuring out what to do and drawing it, but then I got the gist of it. The grid lines really helped with this aspect, for it can help me track the position of the car, though it puzzled me how much movement my car should go on each succeeding slide, considering I only had six slides to work on. Coloring really help me see my picture moving and seeing each item stand out. I saw my movie and I thought it was pretty neat to have motion from simple 2d objects that don't even move at all. I like how we think there is motion but in reality, if you break it down, there is no motion at all.I enjoyed this project. I have always been fascinated by flip books and its cute, simple, yet breathtaking motions that come from pages of artwork.

One can use flipbooks in other subjects, especially physics, when motion is a huge topic that students learn. Students can understand displacement, distance, speed, and velocity through the flipbooks, as the books show progression in motion, which these concepts apply to. Flipbooks are also used for entertaining the child inside of us. Even though we grow up and become wiser, I bet we all still amazed at how simple pictures flipped together can create motion.

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