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WiggleDoodle: Colorful Sun The bottom link is for the gif sun just in case the above doesn't work.

  • WiggleDoodle: Colorful Sun
I enjoyed the process of making a Wiggle Doodle. I thought the whole layout of Animation-ish was really cute and simple to use! It will definitely encourage young children to make art and be creative! I like how we can make cute, animated things by simple drawings. First I had trouble thinking about what to draw. I didn't want to make things complicated nor extremely simple, like a box. Then I realized that you can change colors of each slide, and I thought a sun with different colored rays would do the trick. Drawing the sun was fun, but tracing was the hardest part, especially doing the circle of the sun. Being a perfectionist, I poured out tirelessly to match the trace to my original drawing. Obviously, in the end, it wasn't perfect, but the final product I was pleased it turned out pretty good. I am still amazed at how GIFS aren't pieces of films, but pictures of films but put together and sped up to make it look animated.

You can use Wiggle Doodle for other subjects to spice up their presentations. For example, you are doing a presentation on plant and animal cells. Although I can predict it will be quite tedious, if you are the hardworking type, you can draw the cells(probably simplified) on Wiggle Doodle and present them as a GIF(or other form). It would be WAY better than a picture or a handout of a cut-out cell. For example, since their are many parts of a cell(like the Gogi bodies and the nucleus), you can make each part a different color for each slide. In the end, the whole cell will be bursting of colors, enough to get the attention of your audience. Use the GiF of the cells to capture your audience's attention. You can probably use Wiggle Doodle and other Animation-ish functions in college if you are majoring in animation, graphic design, media, art design, etc.

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