Joyce Peng

Wordle: My Wordle

I went on and typed down words that described me and with the wordle I created a picture of colorful words with nice fonts.

  • Wordle: My Wordle
Compared to my other works, creating a wordle was pretty easy to do. There was not much difficulties in making a wordle except finding the words that describe you, which can require a long thinking process. I love how the website provides a variety of unique fonts, fonts that I have never seen or used before. Their color schemes are also diverse and, well, colorful. I enjoyed finding a font and color scheme that matches my personality and also looks nice with the words. I also liked how you can put the words slanted. One thing I would like to see improve is to have more options on the background. Maybe add some scenery, like a spring day or a desert landscape.

Wordle can be used for other classes besides digitial media. For example for social studies and science. You can type in all your vocab words for a chapter. Some words are more important to remember, so you would type it bigger(by repeating the words). Then when looking at your word cloud you can see the big words directly and help you remember what the words mean. You can also colorcode words that you want to remember, or words that belong to a certain category, you can assign each category a certain color. It also provides a fun way to memorize your vocabulary, than just a boring written list of words on a piece of line paper. You can customize your words whatever way which is more friendly and more comfortable to you.

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