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Animation: Animation-How to count to 10

Using Animation-ish program to make a short animation suitable for kids. This is the link to my quicktime movie. (Some how the downloaded link doesn't show on my profile).

  • Animation: Animation-How to count to 10
My animation was teaching kids how to count from 1-10 using ice creams as an example. I thought the whole process was fairly interesting, because Animation-ish was so fun and easy to use. I was quite surprised my simple animation took more than 100 slides. Some of the tools I used was the bucket tool, the paint brush tool, and the mover. I extremely love the paint bucket and the mover. The paint bucket was helpful in making my background. All I had to do was trace the border of my frame with the same color that I want for my background, and then paint bucket the inside of the frame. There it is! My background, all colored for me. The mover was helpful because I had to copy and paste my ice cream and was effective in the re-sizing of my ice creams.

What I find most difficult was the writing part, like writing "How Do You Count". Writing with a mouse looks really bad, so that's why I used a tablet. It made the writing a lot easier, especially when it comes to tracing. Tracing is a pain in the butt, I'll tell you.

One can use animation-ish in other classes such as history. Pretend you are doing a report on the Civil War. You can use Animation-ish to react battle scenes and important events. Or for English class, reporting a book. This is way more creative than a written essay, a boring powerpoint, or a low-quality movie. Using cute cartoon figures is way to capture your audience's attention. Besides, you can also achieve your point with animation, just like we did in class in teaching young kids simple things.

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